Privacy Policy

Your online privacy is crucial. We have created a policy to help you understand how we collect and use your personal information. When accessing, gathers some information about you while you are browsing the site.

Like all other websites, uses small text files called cookies and logs from the servers to know how the site was utilized. The standard information collected through the cookies includes time and date of visit, pages browsed, time spent on the site, and the sites visited before and after

In addition, we also know your IP address using the cookies.


Use of Cookies

Cookies are text documents containing a unique identifier. When you visit a website, its server takes permission to save cookies on your computer. All these files are kept at a specified location in the computer’s hard drive. All the sites can send cookies to your computer if your browser allows it. But, a particular website can only access the cookies it sent to you. The web page cannot access cookies related to other sites. Your browser does this to protect your privacy.

The advertisements shown on our website might contain some cookies as well. These cookies are also saved on your computer to help you view ads and their contents. These filed download once you click on any advertisements.

You can decline to accept cookies after seeing the prompt. Plus, you can also disable the acceptance of cooking using the settings available in your browser.

As stated earlier, we have some third-party ads displayed on our site. These ads and their owning brands might use your site visits to offer advertisements according to your interests. This is done either by collecting information from your browser.

Some of these advertisers might send cookies and web beacons to collect information like your IP address, browser type, ISP and whether your computer has flash installed or not. All this info is sent to advertisers like Google, which use Adsense. This knowledge is also used for geotargeting. For example, if you reside in London, you will only see items available in this region.


DoubleClick DART cookies

We can also use DART cookies, which is a feature of Google’s DoubleClick. It places a cookie in your computer when you browse a site and double click on any advertisements to visit a site. This cookie shows you ads according to your searches and interests.

The ads are displayed depending upon your browsing history. For instance, if you were checking the flights for London, you might see ads about available hotels in London. DART cookies only use your searches and other non-personal identifiable. So, it will never track your personal information, including name, email address, physical address, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, telephone numbers or any other valuable data.

Visit and change Google Ads settings if you don’t want these cookies on your computer. Apart from that, you can choose to disable third party cookies in your browser. Some of the anti-virus software like Norton Internet Security also allows you to manage these settings. Remember that fiddling with these settings can affect the interaction with all other sites available on the world wide web.

Deleting cookies is not disabling them. It can only clear the cache from your browser so that it can perform well. Next time you visit a site; cookies will be stored on your computer. So, disabling cookies is the only option if you don’t want such facilities.


IP Address

All the devices connected with a network has their unique IP addresses. The computer uses this address when you connect it to the internet. Plus, an IP address is used by the network to identify your computer.

Your computer’s IP address is automatically captured by our web address so that you can easily access all the requested information. For instance, when you click on a link, your computer gets data from our server. The data transfer is impossible without a valid IP address.


Email information

We may store your email messages, address and responses if you prefer to communicate with us via email. But don’t worry, all the data is protected. Electronic communications might be stored when you register on our website using your email address. Or purchase one of the products from our site.


How do we use the provided information?

We use your information to track and administer our business growth, provide relevant services and make items available as per your searches. will not collect any personal information unless you choose to provide any such details to us. Moreover, we will not share or sell this information to third party affiliates without your approval.

We will only disclose the information when forced legally. But, every detail is protected with us if things remain smooth.


Email policies

We keep your email address confidential. In none of the scenarios we can share, rent or sell your data to any third party establishment, including private or government entities. We might use your email address only to share information related to



CAN-SPAM Compliance

We comply with CAN-SPAM. So, all the emails sent from our organization will clearly state who has created them. Plus, all the emails will also contain information about how to contact the sender. If required, you can opt out of these emails, and we will remove your email address from our list. The email will be sent with this link that you can use to unsubscribe from our newsletters or any other emailing list.



As stated, our site gives you the facility to stop receiving any emails from our partners and us. At the bottom of all the neweletter we sent, you will find the instructions or link to unsubscribe. So, you can click on this link and confirm your choice to stop receiving any post updates from us.


Use of External Links may contain external links to other web pages, but we don’t take any responsibility for the information available on those sites being correct or accurate. Links from and to other sites are not owned by or any of its owners or employees. is not related to those sites on any grounds.


By visiting, you are compelled to follow all the site’s terms and conditions. You also have to comply with all the local laws. If you do not agree with any of the points mentioned here, you cannot browse this site. All the contents on this site are protected by trademark and copyrights law.


Intellectual Property Rights is the sole owner of all the software, contents, patents, copyrights, trademarks and all other property on this site. Use of our properties, including the trademark or content, is restricted without taking approval from So, you are not allowed to

  • Copy and publish content from without taking any written permission.
  • Rent or sell anything from
  • Duplicate, reproduce, manipulate, or exploit our data in any other way.
  • Distribute content from to any other site or online platform.


Acceptable usage

You have to use the website within the boundaries of our laws. You don’t have to interfere with the rights of any other user or restrict their enjoyment while using Harassing or causing inconvenience to other readers or users by making offensive statements is prohibited.

You cannot use our website’s property to create any unasked compunctions. You are forbidden to use any content from for any marketing purpose without our written permission.


Restricted Access

We have full rights to restrict the information available on The restriction can be partial or applicable to all the pages; it depends upon us. If you have received an ID and password from, it’s necessary to keep the credentials confidential.


Site Comments does not take responsibility for any comments or opinions posted on this site. is not a testimonials forum, but the site presents testimonials so that other readers can share their thoughts and experiences with them. All the comments appear in front of the administrators of, which helps them trash the abuses and irrelevant comments. cannot agree with any of the comments or opinions. All of them can be only verified from their respective sources. None of the words can ensure that our suggestions, products or services have cured any natural diseases in your garden. If you find any such claims, they are not yet verified or tested.


How do we keep your information safe and secure from any transmission or breaches?

Email communication is not secure. Hence, we request not to send any private details using this medium. You can do such things on your responsibility. Critical information like credit card details, etc., is transferred via our website’s SSL (secure socket layers). might use some applications and plugins to create statistics and summaries, which helps us assess the number of visitors to different pages of our site. It helps us understand which information is most exciting and which ones are monotonous to plan technical changes and reduce problems.

To keep secure, we use security software to track unauthorized users who can change the available information or upload new ones or cause any other damages. Such actions help us to maintain the site’s integrity and availability.


Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability makes no claims that the data available on any of its linked sites is complete or correct. We do not have any warranty or assurance of the content present on this site as well.

All the products mentioned on does not carry any warranty from any category, including merchantability warranties. In none of the situations, is responsible for any damages, including loss of profits, interruption in business, information loss, limitation, accidents and deaths. Even if we have predicted or suggested these losses, we cannot be held liable.


Policy changes

We have the right to make changes to this privacy policy without any notice. However, changes will be made without your consent. But, be assured that none of your personal information will be compromised even if we amend the policy.

We conduct our business according to these policies to ensure that your personal information is safe and protected. We expect the same from our readers.



Contact Us if you have any questions regarding the points we discussed in the privacy policy.