Linköping – A park in the city

Linköping - A park in the city

The Linköping Horticulture Society was established on 22 March 1859 to serve as a site for educational and recreational purposes.

This 162-year-old venue looks attractive because of its ponds, herbaceous borders, old trees and streams.

Then, a Belvedere tower, A Tropical house, a Sunken Garden and a gardens of ideas adds to its beauty.

More about the garden

Linkoping park is a public property, which acts as a pair of lungs for the city. It has many promenades for walking, which is helpful for individuals who enjoy some time with nature.

Another motive to build this park is to attract people to gardening and plantation.

Belvedere Tower exists since 1880. It’s made on the highest rock in Linkpping park so that you can enjoy the view.

In 2001, a café was added to the tower. Here, you can have coffee or lunch while enjoying the natural beauty.

Sunken Garden was added in 2001 by architect Ulf Nordfjel. This garden has a circular flower bed between a couple of flanking buildings.

Its flowerbeds shaped like half-moon looks magnificent.

The tropical house was opened in 2004. It’s made of glass and has a height of 7 meters. The house contains a lot of tropical and Mediterranean plants.

Garden of ideas was opened in 2008. It’s designed by landscape architects Henrik Morin and Helena Hasselberg. In addition, a rose expert has suggested the rose species planted in this garden.

You can find up to 80 dfferent varieties of roses here. White climbing rose Venusta Pendula, purple violet Veilchenblau, Sommerwind, Pink Bells, and peach coloured “Shropshire Lass are some of the major species. All these roses, when blooming together, give you a colourful and mesmerizing impression.

The trees in Linkoping park describes its botanical history. Hawthorn and Sycamore are some of the common trees that were common during the 19th century. A lot of walnut trees are also planted in this park.

Two of them are the largest in all over Sweden. Both of them were grown in 1880 by the order of Christian Frederik Kroné, the first director of this park.

There are lights and illuminations in the park that makes it even more beautiful in the evening.

Apart from education and recreation, this place also serves as a meeting point. It’s used throughout the year for a lot of concerts, festivals and much more.

All thanks to a quality setting, historical nature, and beautiful views, this park is rooted deeply in the citizens of Sweden. It represents the history of this city and the people who live there.


Visitors information

Address: City Park Linköping, Drottninggatan 45, 58181 Linköping

Owner: Stadt Linköping

Entre: Free

Services: Museum, Shop, Nursery, Nature Centre, Bee House, Restaurant, Toilets, Parking, Playground and Benches.


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