Great Budworth and Budworth Mere

Great Budworth

Great Budworth is located 7 miles west of Knutsford and 4 miles north of Northwich.

With a population of just above 300, this village offers spectacular views because its red-brick houses belong to the 17th century.

Some of the buildings date back to even the 14th century. White and black timber made houses are another attraction here.

The name Budworth is derived from two words of the Old Saxon (Old low Grammer) – bude means dwelling and wurth, which stands for a place by the water. Until 1948, this place was a part of the Arley Hall estate.

Mere is right next to this village. Situated in Marbury Country Park, the Mere covers an area of around 50 acres.

It’s famous for birdwatching and water sports. You can enjoy fishing at north-west and south-east banks. Available stock includes roach, perch, eels, tench, bream, hybrids and some large pikes.

Multiple angling clubs own the fishing rights. Night fishing is also allowed, but for seniors with Night Fishing Permit.

Plus, Budworth Mere is never closed. So, you can try to visit this village if you need a fantastic escape from work-life.

Other Attractions:

Northwich Community Woodlands: Marbury Country Park is a part of Northwich Community Woodlands. Multiple organizations reclaim this land to develop a variety of habitats and recreational areas.

The Woodlands comprises nine areas altogether, wherein all of them has a different history and character.

All the lands are at a walkable distance from Northwich town centre. Moreover, there are buses from Northwich and Warrington. You can get one at Anderton Post Office.

Mersey Forest: Established in 1991, Mersey is a community forest developed to make North Cheshire and Merseyside one of the best places to live.

Spread for 420 square miles; this forest is an enjoyable place for everyone.

Arley Hall & Garden: One among the top 10 gardens in Britain and top 50 all over Europe, the Arley Garden is a beautiful site. It has a warm and charming environment that mesmerizes anyone.

The place hosts a lot of programs throughout the year. Christmas Floral Extravaganza, Arley Garden Festival, and Arley Horse Trials & Country Fair are some of them.


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