Are you looking for a short break from work? Then visit Chester because it’s bewitchingly beautiful and has a unique environment. This ancient town is one of the best places to visit in Britain, especially if you are looking for a breathtaking trip.

History is etched in the fabrics of Chester. Well, you are walking on the paths where Roman Legionnaires marched for battles, Norman marauders annihilated Anglo Saxons, and Viking assailants created chaos.

Chester has the most robust walls, the oldest racecourse, the most significant Roman Amphitheatre in Britain, a one-thousand-year old Cathedral with some medieval carvings and Rows galleries, which offers you a delightful shopping experience.

Chester Zoo is another great attraction, which happens to be the most visited place outside London. This zoo homes more than 21 000 animals from around 500 different species. The animal shelter occupies acres of land covered by gardens.

More about the city

You might be surprised to know, but Chester is the only town in Britain where street names are mentioned in English and Latin. Whether you want to enjoy sightseeing, you are looking to shop, or want to relax, Chester is a one of the finest regions to hang out.

Apart from the zoo, Rows are the most unique and famous attractions here. These are raised walkways covered with shops on the sides, which helps you enjoy the area without any hassles. Rows are built in a way that you can use them comfortable even when it’s raining.

Chester Grosvenor Park is one of the best parks in Chester. A popular garden architect Edward Kemp designed it. This place opened in 1867 and is one of the leading attractions of this city.

Myths and legends

A lot of folklores roams around in Chester. According to the locals, a hooded monk appears in the area near St. John’s Church. Well, if the nimblest phantom does not entice you, then be known that there is a Roman Centurion ghost who walks in the same pattern that he did around 2000 years ago.

A highwayman is sighted in Eastgate Street. As per the legend, he was murdered. Saxon King Harold is also believed to be hidden near Anchorite Cell. There are too many other myths that you will come to know after visiting the city. So, it’s a great place for ghost hunters as well.

Other attractions

Boat trips: You can take a boat for rent and enjoy the waves. The service is available all around the year. If you are physically fit, then you can also ride the ship.

Sightseeing buses: The best way to enjoy any city is via roadways. It’s the reason you can find a lot of sightseeing buses available in Chester.

Roman Amphitheatre: We already told you that this city has the largest arena in Great Britain. You will also find a Roman Garden across the road.


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